Spring feelings and baby cuddles

Friday. I know i have been working from home two days this week but it has still felt endless. Maybe because weird fever, tiredness and now a cold sore on the up and coming. Aceing shit at the moment.

Honestly, if this is what its like trying to live healthy – barely drink, not smoke, eat vitamins, cut down on meat and fast i feel like ive been tricked.

At least we have our consultation booked with funny things like ‘learning how to do an injection’ and ‘medication plan’ in there. And after that i need to jump on a train to paris for a workshop.

But. Then. Holiday.

Filippa mentioned that maybe i should discuss with work to go down to 80% during the treatment and might be an option. Im so used to always work and always do 100% (and yeah, i know i barely work and all that jazz but its still a full time job managing 50 people with all what that means. Not stress free.) I guess its getting time to actually tell them about the treatment soon. Still kind of hoping for a miracle and that ill get magically pregnant without having to go through this.

Period came yesterday so hasnt happened yet.

Yesterday i picked some crocuses in the park before Filippa came. It was sunny and smelled like spring.

And then they came! Went to Hammersmith to pick them up. Finally meeting my goddaughter.

Hell yeah we are bonding. This is where you will flee when mum and dad are losers and you are 15.

Hanging out the whole little family.

Woolly not so sure though…’who is this mini person that screams and are stealing my mum?’

Stephen came over in the eveing and George made Bulgars Bad ass Bolognesi and perfect chill time at home. The others did wine, i did tea.

Tonight we are heading to Havelock for dinner and then a long weekend of baby hang out. Yes.

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