Baby life

Ive got a crash course in having a baby over the weekend. It was all fine and dandy until last night. Felt iffy after the afternoon tea and couldnt sleep because naseous. Finally slept around 2 am and then Wolly woke up in the middle of the night barking. George got up to stop him and knocked over a cup of tea by the bedside soaking our clothes. Around 7 we all woke to a screaming baby since the boiler was off and no hot water.

So a chill 4 hours sleep later im not totally unhappy that there is no baby yet 🙂

But we had an absolutely lovely weekend and ive bonded with my lil goddaughter. We’ll do great things together.

On Friday dinner with these heroes at Havelock.

Teaching her all i can. Party moves.

After dinner and drinks we headed back to ours, drank tea and talked life. In my new, chilli vanilli less alcohol lifestyle tea is my bestest friend.

Mornings. Taking care of this little monster when mamma can shower, wash her hair and shave her legs.

Getting some help from very scary but also funny George.

and when all else fails the filters. Ive decided that godmothers can use phone distractions for babys that are in a very mummy phase.

Crawl training. This little one is totally motivated by food. Didnt work though, i think shell walk before she crawls.

Becoming bffs. At least from Vilmas side. Woolly was hiding away most os the time.

After walks on Saturday we went to westfields to find some shoes for F. Took a lot of work to keep her happy when mum was away doing other things.

In the evening we went for dinner at Andina and ate all the ceviche. After dinner we felt ready for one more drink but we soon found out that kids are not allowed in after 9pm.

WTF! and sad faces.

But, we are not known for taking no for an answer so went to Havelock for a night cap. Or three.

Plus shots. Its Filippa and me after all.

Waking up a tad hungover on Sunday but still ready to leave the house for Afternoon tea and Kensington palace.

Very pretty surroundings and Vilma was all dressed up ready to do some serious eating.

We choose the Afternoon tea.

And went straight for the scones since those are the best. Could do without the sandwiches and cakes to be honest, just want the scones.

I had dressed up for tea with the queen.

We took a walk around the pond before heeading home. On the bus the feeling sick came on fast and then i had to give up on the day and head to bed.

But, lovely weekend and so happy to get to spend so much time with my bff and my goddaughter. Come back soon.

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