All the grey

The day before the big day…Valentines…haha, nah, just kidding of course. Who cares about love when its all about me!?

This year i have warned George i want breakfast in bed after last years debacle when he didnt even give me a cup of tea in the morning not to mention any bday gifts. Im not a princess but hey, there is a minimum of bday glam to be expected.

Its not all about me this week though. Its a leaving drink at work tonight and a bday drink for Sita on Friday. We’ll see what i can be bothered to join, im old now, cant do 4 days in a row.

Yesterday i made George night by telling him we could order thai. I also made us some padron peppers. Excellent dinner if i may say so myself.

All the grey in our flat. Including Woolly. We are mud proof.

Ma boys chillin. We started watching Titans. Love it. I have been looking for a good super power teen series and here we go. Its all dark moody and broody but liking it so far.

Walked to the park this morning. In my PJs. I mean come one. I might be one day from 37 but im now a woman walking my dog in my PJs. I dont even know what to do with this.

Too tired in the morning though so will definitely happen again. Soz.

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