Happy, happy birthday me

Happy birthday me!! Ive decided that im the most princessy birthday girl ever today. Nothing else is important today than enjoying the love from friends and family. Feels like a worthy goal.

My day has been off to a flying start. Woken by breakfast in bed and all the cuddles form my man and hound. George, being amazing, gave me a lovely green dress from stories and a massage. Its for Monday, the day before we go for the appointment. To help me relax. I dont deserve him…

And my phone has been going off like crazy all morning. The best things with birthdays is that you just feel loved. People send you that little thought and it warms. Especially in times when its easy to isolate yourself.

So to all of you. I love you too. I really, really do.

Came home yesterday to lovely flowers from mum and dad. With a cute glass vase as well. Will definintely keep that. With my love for flowers there are always loads around the house.

Gratilerer. This made me smile. Because its both wrongly spelt by someone here in UK but also norwegian spelling from my dad. Double awesome.

Tried to call and say thanks for the flowers but no dice.

So we had chill times on the sofa instead. There was leaving drinks at work but i just didnt have any energy and since there is dinner tonight, bday drinks for Sita tomorrow and bday lunch on Saturday i decided that i didnt have to. Look at me acting my age.

Family ❤

Told you, pretty banging wake up. Definitely birthday princess.

Ha, tried to psyche George by telling him he had to make me a cake. When he looked a bit stressed i told him one of my swede treats would do. And here we are. Vacuum cleaner galore. Yum.

Woolly was lessed impressed by all the bday shenanigans. So i gave him a treat. Ill make him love my bday.

Totally am. Party like a pickle.

Ha, like a little tired birthday package.

Yes, even the weather is on my side. Not my cold sore though that keeps bleeding all the time. February is cold sore month, think i have one for pretty much all my bdays. Oh well, still a princess.

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