Sydney life

We are here!!

After a near miss at the airport when I realised I hadn’t applied for a visa when I tried to CHECK IN (!!! I blame stress brain) and had to do a last minute visa application (like that doesn’t add to the stress) and we got on the plane pretty last minute.

There was some serious ‘WTF, how stupid am I’ shit going on right here. I mean, for real…

But, we are nothing if not believers and actually aced our 22h flight. I took sleeping aid for the first leg, loved my leg hammock, lost my travel pillow and saw some great movies. Totally get why Coleman won the Oscar for the Favourite.

Pit stop at Singapore airport. Not getting close to any doors due to the Zika virus. Not risking that stuff….

And then. Touch down in Sydney. Greeted by sun (of course) and Piotr (yes) and went straight back to the Krastevs.

Because George friends are legends Kat came by as well and they all got to hang with our tired asses. Win for them obviously

We popped down to the beach. As you do when you are in freaking Sydney.

Ha, love this picture. I got a mini, mini tan. More like a reduction of white. Working on it.

This is the life!!

George brought his switch and this is life now. Krastev boys in front of the TV.

At 8 I crashed. The jet lag is real man. But, slept to 5 and this morning to 7 so getting there. Will be rocking it tomorrow.

Woke up to this sign of love. For a family that don’t drink tea this is now their tea cupboard. The sweetest!!

Outside breakfast waiting for the sun. George special, banitsa and fruit. A girl could get used to this.

Then Gina and me had girls time and got our nails done. And gossiped about life. Love that woman.

Like the little mermaid. Pretty blue nails to match the sea.

And because I’m a sun junkie I went out in the balcony for the afternoon when the boys were playing games. My plan is to look fresh for the wedding next weekend. If you do an hour in the sun in 30 you’ll get that lil tan without killing the skin.

What lovely couple of days. Sydney is a beautiful place and the life here is a dream. Plus the fruits! They taste like summer and sun and heaven. (Don’t worry dad, we are still not planning on moving here. But maybe retire….)

Today going to Maria’s family’s cafe for some delicious food, seeing my ex colleague Sulinna and chillin in Newtown. But first, long brekkie and snoozing.

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