Just put it on the barbie

I’m kicking jetlags ass an hour a time. So maybe I’m more like slowly winning fighting for each extra minute. Either way, this morning we woke at 6.30. That’s a whole hour later than yesterday. See me rollin…

We are staying at Kats at the moment and not unhappy about opening the door and enjoying the outside while still in bed.

Going to the beach today to work a bit on this slowly building tan. I mean, I need something to show when I get back right.

Yesterday we treated Gina to lunch at The Grounds at Alexandria. Even Bulgarian super mums needs a break from cooking.

These two. Even if they drive each other a tiny bit crazy from time to time there is so much love.

Wearing green and drinking green. I’m choosing my cocktails with care these days and a cucumber elderflower dream always hits the spot.

The food here is lovely. All about them greens.

After lunch we said hi to Kevin Bacon. He went straight up to George and laid down. Gonna get them hands.

Went back for a snooze (yes, I’m rocking the holiday snoozes like a champ) and then off for a proper Aussie barbie at Jackies with George’s old uni friends.

There was a lot of architecture jokes…

And this guy kept telling stories. Nothing new there.

We did a solid effort on the sober late night (why is it so much harder to stay awake when sober?) before we gave up around midnight and headed back to Kats.

Tonight’s Friday and we are going to go out and hit town and tomorrow is George’s bday party. 80s glitter. He choose it himself. It’s like he’s some kind of hero.

Got him his gift as well. A new computer. It’s a lot cheaper here so I put aside the money to treat him to one. Yes, I’m a legend.

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