Happy birthday my love

Getting into the proper holiday mode now. Yesterday was George bday and we played mario kart, he played basketball, then Thai for dinner and captain marvel with his friends. I think that might have been his absolute dream day.

I gave him a computer for his bday. Yes, a bit extravagant but he really needed one. And I love to spoil my man.

Turns out George is most likely celiac (gluten intolerant) and that’s the answer to all his issues including the low sperm count since his testosterone is really low.

So we now eat a gluten free diet and he will do some more tests when back in London to confirm if this is the problem. Small price to pay for feeling better though.

On Saturday it was George bday party. 80s glitter theme. I aced it as always. Plus hello nipples…

All of George’s bestest friend where there and he looked like he had the time of his life. Me, I had light up earrings. What’s not to love…

Cool Kats.

Love Piotrs Canadian tux.

Birthday kisses. I gave up around 1 but the crew kept going to 3.30. They are still young and fresh though, not like this old lady.

Went to bed looking at the beautiful bouquet of roses Mario gave me for international women’s day. One for me and one for Gina. So sweet.

They make me happy every time I go to sleep.

Today it’s just George and me and the beach until Stevan plays a gig tonight. I’ve given up on getting a night to ourselves but at least I can steal the days.

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