New hair new me

Started the medication today. Hold on for hormone roller coaster. So far so good but its been half a day 🙂

Had the best chat with julia yesterday. Love my friends. Especially the ones that just get you. My little tiny blonde warrior princess soul mate. Or more like a soul protector. We are a bit too different to be soul mates but shes there fiercly protecting me from life. And well, myself.

Had the chillest of chill days working from home. My manager asked me how i was doing and i told him im fine for now but ill tell him if i need to slow down a bit. And he agreed. So doing as much as i can handle.

W didnt make it easy to get to the computer. And yes, im looking for bridesmaid dresses for Sannas wedding. We have hit a bit of a snag agreeing on what to wear.

Look at this lunch heaven. Stomach is still sensitive so im still mainly living om bread. Swede and uk bread in a beautiful mix.

And then it was time for the hairdresser. My hair got a bit too light last time so decided to go darker before summer and ivf and pot pregnancy when im not even sure you can colour your hair.

The sexy phase.

Round 2. My hair didnt take to the colour so we had to go for a second round. It ended up taking 4h and the poor hairdresser had to work an hour overtime (yes, i tipped him. Excellent service).

And the end result. The hair is a lot darker than before but it lit up so much very quickly last time so i think this will be perfect.

Plus i fell like a goth girl.

My gift to myself for getting a promotion and a raise. Sometimes you need to treat yourself when you do good things.

A pretty ear cuff from my favourite brand. This means i can have two earrings without having to get more holes. Smart huh.

Hello there new hair and lil ear. So ready for whatever the next weeks will bring. And its sunny out.

Plus got the super cute invitation to Natalia and Jeans wedding. July in France. I think our holidays this year will all be weddings. Not a bad place to be.

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