Bookclubing it up again

I feel a bit queasy from the medicines. Or maybe its just placebo. Who knows. Either way i felt shit this morning. I mean, the medicines are strong and a lot of people feel bad from them so its kind of to be expected.

So i slept in and came in at 10 this morning. And wolfed down a crumpet in my underwear in the kitchen. My colleague telling me im always so glamorous would have choked.

Yesterday i went to Tk Maxx to buy chocolate for the team and came home with a bag. Yes, im totally anxiety shopping. I do that when things are tumultous. But better than drinking…

Then i tried on bridesmaid dresses for Sannas wedding. Wont be this one. But might keep it anyways for other weddings. We’ll see.

Then i headed out for the bookclub. It was freezing, even snowed a bit in London yesterday. From 19 degrees 4 days ago. Go home weather, you are drunk.

Bookclub babes!! We went to a koren BBQ place in notting hill called Mam. There was a double trouble session with both Talulas book ‘I capture the castle’ and my one – ‘Elantris’.

Finally i got these non fantasy reading girls to read a fantasy book.

I capture the castle was lovely. A slow, visual story about love, being a women needing a man to survive and the english country side. I loved it, the heroine reminded me of Jane Austens or Louisa Alcotts smart and funny girls and i loved reading a more old school book for a change.

And then to Elantris. For non fantasy readers its a good one. Its fast paced, has got great characters and is not too much on the magic side. Like Katta said ‘its more like reading a history book’. And well, thats kind of what fantasy is, an alternative history lined with magic.

The girls gave it an average 4.5 which is was very happy with. I wont keep showing fantasy down their throats but i always wanted to introduce the sceptics to a genre that has gotten so much shit but is such an enjoyable read.

Another successful bookclub done. We are currently trying to figure out when the next one will be, i have a bit of a hard time to commit at the moment. But hey, the girls can go on without their bookclub general.

Cold again this morning but not giving up on the sun. Im in the office but heading home in the afternoon. Taking the breaks where i can. Then katta and i have the pottery class i gave her tonight. Really looking forward but also realising that i need to refrain from booking anything for a while if ill keep on feeling this iffy.

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