Pottery magic

Friday! Nothing planned. I remember a day when not going out on a friday was unheard of. Even if you were sick you still went out for at least one drink. Im older now though. And wiser (?). As me and Katta discussed yesterday, my previous claim to fame of being able to drink all the shots is just not as useful any longer.

I mean, im still dead cool but not sure how often ill be able to down 5 jagerbombs in one go or drink a bottle of vodka on a night out like me and Filippa would do in our hey days at Uni.

Maybe itll be like my dads party trick of dancing the russian cosack dance when i was a kid.

Instead i give Katta a pottery class for her bday and go all in on the old lady lifestyle. Bookclub and pottery…yes, this is me now. Gone are the days of table dancing.

Worked from home in the afternoon yesterday. My two favourite guys. How can you not be happy on the sofa with these two?

Haha. He is the cutest. I dont care if everyone on sweden thinks hes ugly. Hes my little prince.

And then to this weeks most exciting, pottery class. We went to one close to Ravenscourt park. A 2h class just for the two of us. Its called JC ceramics and an awesome gift to give someone. You both get to do stuff together and you come home with some banging looking pottery.

Here Jose is showing Katta the correct tecniques. A natural of course.

Looking pretty pro!

Not too bad for a first time pottery class. These are all our master pieces.

The one on the left is my massive new tea cup. Woop woop. Next step is to trim it and then glaze it on some sexy colours and then theyll be ready to take home.

Albert was chilling out with us the entire time. I kept putting clay on his head, sorry Alby.

After all that creative excitement we went back to mine for some thai and some Woolly time. He loves his godmother and Katta loves her hairy god child.

Bathroom time. Never alone.

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