When Gandalf moved in

The medication is really knocking me out. For you ladies it’s like a bad period pain times 5 without any possibility to take pain killers (as they might interfere). For you guys, it’s like man flu.

But, it’s for a good cause. And it’s not like I need to be in bed. I keep doing stuff. With the lower back pain from hell (thank you George for evening massages…).

On Friday I wore patterns. A house of hackney collab with other stories. Love it. I have given up on my shopping ban. It’s too therapeutic for me.

On Saturday I did some gardening. Also very therapeutic. W tried too eat the dirt from my pots. Stupid dog.

Harry stayed over and w and he did not know how to play. They just kind of stared awkwardly at each other hoping the other would work it out.

We walked to the park.

And some more hilarious playing with W trying so hard to please Harry and his weird ways.

The best about bringing strong men is that you can make them carry shit for you. Pots and plants and soil.

And Gandalf. Our little stone whippet guarding the garden.

Love this little statue. Have been eyeing for ages but too heavy for me to carry.

Then we went to the cinema and watched Shazam. It’s was good. Not spectacular but fun. Got some popcorn so was happy.

Then we met up with Kate and James at pho district for some delicious food. I feel like we are aceing this non drinking shit.

Evening ended with mario kart until I gave up around midnight when my insides were killing me.

Today I might cancel all plans and just hang. Work is a bit hectic at the moment and next week will be busy so why not (woohooo, any excuse for sofa times.)

Have a great Sunday out there guys.

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