Hello sunshine

It could get a bit warmer now. It was sun this morning. But only 4 degrees. And i think it will be steadily around 8 for the weekend and no sun. Good thing is that my garden always get super warm so could lay outside yesterday enjoying.

Katta and me took a walk in the morning and ran into a Moley and a friend of hers and their babies. So i got to live the baby unemployeed life for half a day. Not too bad. Katta is not working at the moment so shes my wingwoman for these somewhat slow days of medication and rest.

I mean, slowish. Im still working full time and doing meetings from home and managing a never ending stream of changes at work so ‘slow’ is relative. But, im good at being lazy. Even working i feel like im being lazy so win win.

Got lots of plans for the weekend but as with everything right now its a big fat maybe. I might just send George away so he doesnt get stir crazy at home. Need to manage all of us and our mental health. George need to be out, W need to be walked and i need to chill.

Love that it gets  so warm in the garden. It was only 10 degrees out but bikini weather for W and me.

Helo there. Need to buy a new sun lounger, this one is tarting to break apart. Blame W and his heavy body.

So many plants. I have probably doubled up from last year. But had all the seeds and pots etc so easy, peasy work.

All the mint for lazy summer days. I want to make the drinking people a large pot of pimms to kick off spring. And i want to drink sparkling elderflower in the sun and forget all about worries and bad times.

I must admit im proud of how well im dealing with all of this. Im still at work, im still somewhat positive and im not hating on life which is good.

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