Hippo crips!

Friday! Im eating a cake right now. One of the best things about the medications is that i just want to eat carbs and sugar :). Like i want to swim in a sea of bread and cake. My stomach goes mental if i eat too much fruit and veggies. So its all neutral beige food. Dream.

We are up to the last day of the oral pills and next step is to wait for the period (first time i want that bastard to come for the last 18 months) and then start the injections. God, this just takes forever. Im feeling beyond boring at the moment. Just tired and want to sit at home. One day youll see me out and about again, i promise.

I cant sleep either. Thats the killer. Im normally a pro sleeper. Like easily 8h a night and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Now i wake up at 6 in the morning and as soon as my brain switch on its like all the thoughts are like ‘wooohooo, we are awake, lets bombard her with aaaaaaangst’ and there we go. Mind churning. Plus headaches. Classic side effect.

But, its weekend, its sunny (ish), im on the journey to something good (cross fingers) and i have the luxury to be able to work from home and take it easy when i need to. You could say im living the dream.

Here are some smiles for today.

Hahahaha, poor Kevin. Can imagine the disappointment for his birthday.

Oh Aaarons. Im going to call all my errands Aarons to make me like them more.

Come toast!! I mean, you are kind of toast and in a coma.

I mean, you retarded…


Hippo crips! Coolest gang out here.

Moahahaha, they put them all in a coffin, thats why.

Aaaah, nothing like the smell of colon in the morning.

Happy friday y’all, dont do anything i wouldnt do (and that pretty much cut out anything fun. Except eating. I do a lot of that)

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