One drink to rule them all

I had two drinks this Saturday. Look at me living it up. Since im inbetween the meds i thought why not. It cant intefere with anything and im allowed like 4 units a week. They even say it can help with the stress. And it kind of did, even if being social felt like the biggest hurdle ever. I mean, how do you even talk to people?

But then i had to go home since my stomach acted up. 10 days of strong meds will do that. Totally worth it though. Tonight its GoT so very happy to be home on the sofa. And then comes Easter. We’ll just be here. Its supposed to be 20 degrees and i love spring London like that.

Talked to mum and dad and we said that if i get pregnant in this round i most likely wont be able to go back for Christmas to sweden. So then theyll have to come here instead. London Christmas. That would be very weird. But also the best because for the best reason. Ive decided to start actually thinking it might be happening. To talk about it like its a possibility. It wont actually jinx anything, thats not how bodies work. So why not think happy thoughts rather than blocking all emotions?

The reason we were out on Saturday was Josh bday. They drank shots, i watched.

George, the fool, choose one of his units on a shot (he gets 4 a week as well). Each to their own.

There is always the iceing.

Harry and me were very fancy drinking coffee. He then saved me from myself when someone put an espresso martini in front of me and in the ‘ive been a bartender for may years’ very smoothly stole it from me.

Love that guy. Hes the best. Anyone looking for the sweetest, coolest, smartest greek guy out there snatch him up before he is gone.

The espresso martinini fairy. This is what Harry saved me from.

Then we went to Laki Kane and i had a pina colada. Look at our happy faces. It was so nice being out together all carefree and not worrying about anything. Ive been really shit at leaving the house since ive been feeling so bad but worth giving it a try. For us.

Haha. Love those faces.

And sunday was spent like sundays is best. On the sofa with our little family.

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