Puzzling times

Working from home today. Doing it when I can. Had a call with my boss yesterday and he casually threw out ‘I’m going to need you in Paris going forward…’ eeeeh! ‘no thanks’ is not an option I guess. So well, definitely doing it while I can. I have my 6 week flexible working time so using that to the max. Hello PJ day on the sofa.

Otherwise not thinking about work. There is just too much going on with the whole organisation being changed again (yes, it happened a month ago, my company works in mysterious ways…) and me and my team being directly affected this time.

Looking forward to Easter. 4 glorious days of sunshine and people being off at the same time as you so less sofa more actual social times. Hopefully. There is a long list of side effects on the new set of meds so we’ll see.

Sorry guys that my life is just listing meds and other rather boring things. But, I’m thinking puzzles. That’s how you keep entertained kids.

Take a page from Woollys book, sleeping with your favourite toys.

Went all in on the Easter look yesterday. I’m coming for you spring.

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