Running toward the end

15 eggs became 7 fertilised little rabbits running toward the finishing line. This is great news, out of those around 50% survive until blastocyst stage which should hopefully give us 3-4 viable embryos. Triplets anyone?

They had to do ICSI on our eggs which means injection the best sperm straight into the egg. This is due to George’s swimmers being a bit slow. Thank god for modern medicine. And his sperm turns out to be winners after all.

I mean, he is a winner. Gave me 15 roses to represent my 15 eggs. Feeling so cared for and loved right now.

Bruises and pain aside I’m happy. I was so loopy and in a lot of pain yesterday but feeling better today. Staying home though since it’s not worth risking anything at this stage.

So on Sunday we are going in to transfer the embryo that looks like the winner. And then just crossing fingers, continuing injections and medications and maybe even praying.

In this case I’m pretty sure it’s not the journey but the end. I mean, the journey has been pretty shitty.

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