A maybe baby

Good news. There is now a little maybe baby embryo implanted in me. Cross fingers it likes it in my candy filled belly.

We came in to great news. Out of the 7 fertilised embryos 3 had move to fully mature and 2 are still maturing. Out of those 3 two were of the best quality (there are 3 ratings) and one of average. They asked if we wanted to pop two from the get go with a 30% chance of twins.

We declined…

Instead we froze the two mature ones and waiting for the other two. So best case we have 4 waiting for another chance. Which is better than I could have dreamed of. If this one doesn’t take we just need to wait for the next cycle and can try again.

Anyway, back to lil maybe baby.

I had to drink shit loads of water before coming in because needed a full bladder for the procedure.

Wearing all my jewellery. I’m nothing if not stylish when having my potential baby put back in.

Channeling all our positive energy. George was in the room with me, guessing it’s a good thing the dad is there when the baby is made :).

This is our top quality embryo. Fight little guy.

Ha, it has a little tail. Apparently that’s good since it means it’s already breaking out of the shell.

And in we go. They had a hilarious picture of a beach in the ceiling. Made me want to go to one though.

After 15 min it was all done and now we hope. And I act like I’m pregnant as in eating and acting like I am. Plus no heavy lifting and lots of quiet time.

Please lil maybe baby, stay with us. I promise we’ll love you to the moon and back.

After the morning drama we went for a lunch at Hawksmoor with this crew. Mmm, all the meat. Need that iron man.

Plus ice cream because just had 6 weeks of stress and medications and surgeries so kind of deserve it.

Then I went to bed because crashed after all that and the crew decided to play some Mario kart at home. Perfect, you do you and I do me.

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