Miracles do happen

This is our life right now. Its raining and grey outside and inside its full of books and TV. Im watching GoT, Shadowhunters, Quicksand, Bonding (so much fun) and Dead to me at the moment. And reading my never ending string of fantasy series.

Came back from Paris late last night. It was mums birthday and i didnt forget despite travelling and meetings most of the day. She and dad will get a joint bday gift when i come over next. They say we’ll meet in Paris this spring and that would be lovely, making Paris fun again.

Cant wait for this to be over so that i can book a trip to Sweden. Want to see my friends, need some hugs and enjoy spring at the country house. You will not believe me but mum and dad have FINALLY gotten new beds. This is by far the biggest news of this decade. We have had the same, children beds, since i was maybe 10. They are tiny and horrible and ive begged, hoped and dreamed of new one for the last 15 years.

Miracles do happen.

So as soon as we know more i will book some trips for this summer. Holiday times here we come.

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