My alternative career

Here they are. The final result of Katta’s and my pottery class. These are all Cissi originals. Thrown (actually made) and glazed (the colours) by me.

Yes, I bow to the applause.

And here are Katta’s. Since it was her bday she got the extra demonstration bowl.

Must say this was one of the better and more fun birthday gifts I’ve ever given to anyone. Highly recommend.

We went to Jose by Ravenscourt Park awesome teacher.

More angles of my beauties.

Some of these might be going to parents for a gift. Slightly better than the shit you cans home from kindergarten with.

Love the little mini pink bowl. And the green. That looks like some ancient Japanese china.

Hello there lil pretties

Very happily drinking chamomile tea from my big teacup. If you can’t find them, make them.

No crazy plans for the weekend, hard to focus in all this wait. Debating if I should send W away for a week to his grandma or if it’s nicer to have the company. I’m pretty sure what he would choose, beaches and scones with nan, but might just be selfish.

Have a great weekend guys. See you on the other side.

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