Fat bear

Another Monday. Its sunny and pretty in London and both George and Woolly are away so ive got the place to myself. Would have been more exciting if i didnt have meetings until 7.30 tonight and I actually wanted to do something fun.

In another life guys.

At the moment i just want the time to go. That is all. Im driving myself a bit mad trying NOT to google every little twinge in my body. Going so so. We had some more people in our life giving us the news they are pregnant. Do people have nothing to do but bone?

Well, im planning some kind of post all of this life. The first thing ill do is a book a trip to the country house. My safe place. London feels like the opposite to a safe place at the moment with work being crazy, my mind spinning, George being away every week and not having anyone to really hang out with (my fault, my stomach is so iffy and with medications all the time i dont really dare to leave the house)

We did give it a try on Saturday. Went ok, for a couple of hours and then i had to go home in pain. Fun times.

But i did put on some make up. Hello there face.

A very happy boyo

We went to Fat Bear by St Pauls. Its americana food.

They had picklebacks!! I had the picklejuice. Thats all i really want to be honest. I only drink the whiskey to get away with drinking pickle juice.

And gumbo. You i know i love me some gumbo. Not like Bretts one, nothing is like Bretts gumbo, but still very good.

Yeah, we might have over ordered. Easily happens when George is around…

It was nice getting out of the house but i hate that i had to leave with the craziest stomach cramps. Again. This is why i barely leave the house. I can seldom hold out an entire night without pain.

So better safe than sorry on the sofa.

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