Tomorrow i D-day. Im so nervous i could puke. Im checking for my period like every 10 minutes. Im definitely not cut out for this. If you dont hear anything from me im either crying in a ball (im giving myself at least a day to be devestated before picking myself up and keep fighting) or im celebrating. Either way it will be an emotional rollercoaster tomorrow.

George is coming home tonight. Late but still. I might take a walk by the river. I have been so tired in the evenings that i just crash. Buy ready meals and the dishes are still in the sink. There is just nothing left at the moment. Totally mummy material šŸ™‚

Work is also like a bad sitcom at the moment. I kind of cry laugh. Well, its hump day and the weekend is around the corner.

The gender swap snapchat going viral is making all guys look cute and all girls creepy. So i tried myself in the female one and it doesnt even look like me. I look like kind of asian or maybe brasilian.

Dinner on my lonesome in the garden yesterday. Bought kombucha before i realised its unpasteurised and im not allowed to drink it. Fuck.

But, i cheated the system for lunch and had sushi. But veggie and prawn sushi. haha, take that food restrictions.

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