A little sprinkle of joy

It worked!! Maybe baby decided to be a baby. A little mini baby. That according to my app kind of looks like an ear.

It’s currently as big as a sprinkle. That’s just beyond cute.

So yeah. I’m pregnant. Feels so unreal after all the wait and negative results previously but thank god for modern medicine. And NHS. And all our amazing doctors.

It’s still super, super early of course. Week 4. That’s means that the miscarriage risk is still high. Was thinking of not writing anything about it but hey, you guys been following me through thick and thin in this so here we are.

We are having a baby!!!!

George cried. I was in shock. I mean really. Felt nothing yesterday. Other than a numb relief.

Today I need to head to the doctor for more medications and to book a scan in two weeks. To hopefully hear the heartbeat.

What the mother fucking crazy shit is this.

(Sorry for that little outburst, minds still not really accepting all of this)

We had a celebratory dinner that unfortunately literally turned to shit when George had some soy and it kicked off his celiac and he was in the bathroom all night. The highs and lows of life…

I’m busy thinking budgets since we can also start planning the wedding from W12 when the worst risk of anything happening has passed. And booking a trip to Sweden. And you know, trying to come to turns with all of this.

Happy weekend you guys.

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