The other side

Got food poisoning yesterday. Or something. But since George came down with a milder version of the same thing that’s the only conclusion.

Felt nauseous and thought it was the dreaded morning sickness but then I started throwing up. For 5h. And other things. Let’s just say it was a cleansing of pretty much everything in my body.

Feel completely done today. Drinking liquids and trying to get equilibrium. And honestly, just happy it wasn’t morning sickness because throwing up for 5h every 10 min can’t be healthy (I say now not nothing was my body has in store for me).

We had a lovely lunch though. I won’t blame the place because I think it’s me being overly sensitive.

Helen was working so had to be the insta goddess.

And then this. Already on the tube home so had to jump off on the way but made it home.

We were supposed to head up east today but staying home. Feel useless at the moment, the treatment really did a number on my stomach and jellybean ain’t helping.

Sorry for this post of well…moaning…I am really happy generally. I blame the 4h sleep I had.

But, the only way is up.

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