Wedding times

Im off to Spain tomorrow. Sannas wedding. Iiiiiihh! Im bridesmaid and i cant wait to marry Sanna away to her amazing Peter. Not unhappy about four days in the sun in Spain as well. And the best thing about ‘only’ being bridesmaid is that except for giving a speech i kind of just have to look pretty. Best deal ever.

Speech is written and packing tomorrow and then off in the afternoon. George is not going make it so im flying solo at the wedding. Maybe ill meet some hot groomsman. Joking, me and jellybean will behave. First time at a wedding sober though, look out for these dance moves.

Had one of those hormonal angry kick offs yesterday. George decided to go out and party last minute on a Sunday evening and i just blew up. Wrote something angry to him about being pregnant and left by myself on a Sunday night when im off to a wedding (by MYSELF) for a week. That he could sleep on the sofa and not bother me. Apparently this pregnant she dragon takes no prisoners.

Our flat looks pretty though. Pionees from my flower subscription.

And flowers from George for well, everything i guess.

I wish we had a nap room in the office. Im dying by 4 every afternoon. A little 20 min nap and i would be right as rain. Ill go on the candy instead. Sugar for the win.

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