Back home

Back from Sannas wedding. I will show you all the pictures tomorrow but most important, I survived. They got married away, it was all very beautiful, we rocked our speech and I danced until 3.

A success I would say.

Speech ready in the onsies that has followed us through the last 20 years, bought by Sannas dad in the US in the early 90s. Not as a joke!

I have however got a wicked cold. Apparently being on your feet all day running around for your BFF takes it out of you when preggers. Or maybe it was the jumping around on the dance floor..

Either way, totally worth it and the best time with all my friends. Damn I miss them sometimes.

Today super chill. I’m supposed to go to Paris tomorrow but will skip that given how I feel but George is off again. So we gather our strength and chill on the sofa.

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