Fiesta si!

Finally at the wedding day. The third in our group to get married. Yes, im the only one left on the glass mountain. Having been bridemaid for all of them I was very happy to do my final bridemaid duties with a bang. 5 times bridesmaid and 3 times toastmaster i think im done. But, i do love it so if anyone remarries im there. Or if anyone is looking for a seasoned bridemaid im your gal.

Anyway, to Sannas beautiful spanish wedding.

Maggie explaining in spanish what they should do with the brides hair. Look at her cute belly. She is 7 months. So damn tiny (im almost that big after a good evening of eating)

Was so happy with my hair. A top braid that ended in a fish tail. Felt like some kind of viking warrior in this.

Me and the beautiful bride. Hello there gorgeous, love that smile.

Felt very pretty. Might do a version of this for my own wedding. Love braids

Look at that stunning bride. Sanna, im so happy to see you get your Peter. And to be by your side and feed you fruit and water.

And take slightly unflattering photos.

So nice wearing a black dress that was actually flattering and easy to walk and dance in.

Because awesome couple we walked into the Star wars march of course. Hehe, just like in school im tallest of everyone.

Luckily for us we were under roof while the poor guests where almost dying in the 30 degree heat.

Got the honour of sitting opposite the newly married couple. Win!

Speech ready. Of course we brought the onsies to Sannas wedding. No party without them.

And party! The poor spaniards had no idea what hit them when the wigs, tutus, glowsticks and happy eurodisco music kicked off the party.

Even if sober i did a good job at dancing and owning the dancefloor. Its in my blood.

Always a dance with the bride.

Ha, love this picture. Crazy swedes.

yes, i found myself some unicorn horns.

And all my silly friends. Miss these guys.

Ha, the only photo i have of Sanna and her bridesmaids. Awesome shot.

Filippa and Erik ruled the dancefloor.

My stomach got a bit unhappy from all the jumping around so hid by the candy.

Bed ready at 3 am. Feel like i did a good job owning the dancefloor despite sober. I can still do it.

What an absolute beautiful, lovely, fun and crazy wedding. Love you guys.

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