Vamos a la playa

Time for the last couple of days on the holiday. I felt like an empty shell. Im so extremely tired at the moment and being bridesmaid and then dancing until 3 was all i had in me. Woke up with the tell tale cold sore the morning after and felt like someone had hit me over the head.

Good thing we were just chilling on the beach for the last day. Got to hang with all my friends and take it super mega easy. Perfect end to the holiday.

It was warm but windy so we gave it a good couple of hours before having to give up on the waterfront.

Food instead. What an excellent photo of all my girls. Sanna was happier than that, promise.

Hanging with my goddaughter. Takes some time to win her over again but im the baby whisperer so succeeded at last.

And even got to carry her around. Win!

Then i crashed into bed at 9 with a fever and woke up the next day just to schlep myself back to London. The best thing about feeling so shit is that i decided to skip my trip to Paris on that Monday. Not worth running myself ragged and im already sporting both a nose and a mouth cold sore. Double whammy on the good stuff.

heh, Monday at work i got my new preggers tights. Looking hilarious. Extremely unsexy but very comfy. Think i have another couple of months before i need to start using them but better safe than sorry, very bloated in the evenings.

All in all a super lovely holiday but being so exhausted all the time nice to get home. I have no energy in me at the moment, its crazy.

Its the bookclub tonight and i really want to go and i am aiming too but we’ll see if i can make it. Ive never felt anything like this.

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