Happy midsummer

Sorry for the radio silence over the last couple of days. I have zero excuses. Maybe that ive been tired? Or that it feels like a mission writing about Midsummer. Well, im back and yes, i will write about the amazing holiday that is Midsummer and that Katta and me turned it around to an amazing evening once again.

Well, mostly Katta because she is hostess extra ordinaire. But i did most of the flower wreaths. Which by the way is so not me. I was never the one who could do things like that but now im binding flowers like a pro.

This years flower garland. Loving all the colours.

And yes, you need some gold stars to spice things up a little extra.

Lollo also made it last minute. She was supposed to be at a ball (Midsummer heathen) but ended up joining us with Lily and Mark. I made her flower crown as well. Pink for Lollo.

Bettina and Soren was invited as well. We wanted to show the danish a true swedish midsummer. Here her and Lily trying their hands at this malarkey that is flower binding (not easy with the stiff store bought flowers in UK)

George making drinks for everone. And mocktails for me.

Ha, us making fun of Bettinas flower skills.

The look of summer.

I think i ended up making 4 flower garlands in the end. Look at me rocking summer.

Katta presented a beautiful table. I had gone to scandi kitchen and bought all the necessary swede things and the rest we could find in the normal store.

Proper midsummer princesses.

Posing like the pros we are.

Ha, i love how everyone looks covered in flowers. And George felt very fly in my kimono.

Finally, the Katta and me midsummer selfie.

Wearing green. If you look close you can definitely see a little baby bloat. Plus my boobs are huge.

Ha, the best picture that could be found of the two of us

The danes took to midsummer like a fish to water.

I had printed songs and we did a lot of ish singing. Not that easy to get the non swedes going with the swedish songs.

I was the song master. A lot easier when you are not getting drunk yourself.

Happy Midsummer!!

From London!

And then the drinking commenced. Snaps, wine and Georges gorgeous cocktails.

Ha, Lollo looks very happy in the background…

After hours on the balcony the crew went out to laylow and i fell asleep on kattas bed. How the times have changed. George picked me up at 4.30 and i woke up feeling hang over. I think its contagious.

But, love my Midsummers and even if i miss them in Sweden the london version is pretty banging too.

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