Living my best life

Back in London and after a somewhat horrible night working from home (sparing you the details but my stomach is NOT happy). A lot to catch up on but the good thing is that working from home gives me time to read all the emails and get my head straight on whats been going on when ive been gone.

A bleak Monday indeed. So heres some more photos from Sweden.

Dinner with ma girls at a new place on Strandvagen. Lovely view of the sea and all the boats. Like a super cold Sydney.

Love these girls. More than 15 years going strong now.

Cant deny that this city is gorgeous when it wants to.

Summer nights are the best. In our maybes for moving there this is what im trying to remind myself of. The amazing bits.

And these ones. I do have some pretty epic friends in Sweden and i know they would love to welcome us back.

Oh well, there is a lot to consider and no decisions made at all. Plus Woolly. How am i ever to leave him?

On Wednesday we went out to Julia and Maskens. It was full house with kids and dogs and all kind of amazingness.

Me making friends with pup Luna.

Best kind of hang out time when you feel so comfortable you dont have to talk. I think we all need this these days.

I gave agnes a little London bag. For all her treasures. Important when you are two.

Lunch with these heroes.

Then headed down to the country house and the best ever – chanterelles. Living my best life.

Also found blueberries in the forest. Look at me surviving on what the earth gives.

Making more bffs.

Dinner with the family and Hanna for the last evening. God, i love my country house with a passion and now even the beds are comfy. Might try and sneak there once more this summer.

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