Summer goth

Went to the hairdresser again yesterday. The downside of becoming grey is that you need to keep up all that colouring shit. Ah, missing the days of youth.

While i was sitting there and the hairdresser kept forgetting about me the thing ended up taking an hour extra. Not only did i get almost black hair, Maria and George had to wait for me with dinner.

Got a somewhat impressed picture…

Mez is over for a couple of weeks and staying with us until Sunday. She is very welcome. I mean, se is basically family for George and we love her italian family. Its like bathing in sunshine hanging out with them.

Anyway, back to me and my hair. It got daaark man. Thats what happen when you have the colour in for like and extra 30 min.

Its not bad, just weird. But i know it lightens up after a couple of days.

My belly after a huge bowl of pho. No hiding this shit now.

And the be honest, this is in the morning and its definitely there. The little 3 month baby bump (sorry dad for the naked, just hard to show otherwise)

Tonight we are going to see spiderman and then tomorrow the ultrasound. All the exciting things. And then weekend. Nothing planned but the sloth life.

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