A little rave baby

We went to do the 12w scan this morning. Its all looking good. Jellybean is happily growing and was having a little rave in there. Apprently its ‘unusually’ active for the size. Blaming George, im pretty lazy.

He was mostly focused on the fact that he could see a huge nose. He kept feeling sorry for the baby getting his honker. Im not sure a nose can be THAT big on a 12w ultra sound though so tried to tell him its all normal.

Mostly it was amazing and emotional and a little bit unbelievable to see our baby. Since we are now 12w the chance of anything going wrong is slim. Ive had such a hard time really believe this is happening but this morning felt like a punch in the heart. A good one. A baby with little rave arms over its head and a big nose good.

Cant wait to meet you Jellybean. Only 6 months to go.

Our little baby. No rave arms in this picture but some kind of yoga legs. Either way it was constant movement in there. Its currently 6.7cm and have the expected arms, legs, beating heart and brain.  We’ll do this together you and i Jellybean.

Picked flowers from the garden yesterday.

Then we went to the cinema to see Spiderman. These faces are having a wtf moment after the post credit scenes.

Then we went back to some chill time in the garden. George on his switch as always. Damn the day i bought that for him.


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