Sharing big news

Awesome weekend. Friends, sun and big news being sent out into the world. We had Mez from Sydney staying with us and decided to dress up in our finest and go out on Friday. Not every day i can be bothered to dress up these days.

Girls being ready for a night out and about.

George and his girls. Katta looked lovely in her red dress. More colour in her life is my decisions. Me, and went autumn and black but needed to hide that lil belly.

We went to Trailer Happiness and the girls took photos of  their pina coladas. I got a delicious alcohol free one which was basically a fancy milkshake. Yum!

Selfie with my wingwoman. Or maybe im her these days. Nah, we are each others in life.

After Trailer we went to Laylow and looked at drunk fancy people. I sat in a corner with my ice coffee and enjoyed the view.

On Sunday we decided to tell the world about Jellybean. So we took a couple of photos to let it all out there (including my belly).

This is the winner. A somewaht shocked George and Woolly. Heh. Now the internetz now and you know that nothing happens if its not on instagram

After the walk i got milkshake cravings. They didnt have milkshake (bastards) but Goerge got me my Mcdonals fix. Preggers perks.

Chill time with the hound. Hes gently resting his head against Jellybeans home. I think theyll end up being fast friends.

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