Crayfishing (i wish)

Planning a crayfish party for the weekend. Just a small thing. But it needs a lot of planning in this country where getting hold of that stuff is a mission. But we have crayfish, garlands and snaps. Now i just need to get my mits on some hats and bibs. And then its a go. Youll see me sucking those bad boys like a pro.

My energy comes and goes. Went to get a massage yesterday and starting pregnancy yoga on Monday. My back is starting to hurt and i pulled a muscle last night. Want to get going on the stretching before it all goes tits up. Sometimes i get reminded im a geriatric pregnancy…i mean, im pretty healthy but my body is not 27 any longer. But i sit on my pilates ball at work and keep up the walking. Like the old lady i am.

George is moving the rooms on thursday. So Friday night (since im missing out on the summer party due to sea sickness) will be all about moving things over for the flat to be ready on Saturday. Nothing like a deadline to get things moving.

George with one of our tomatoes from the garden. Its such a mission to uphold because its so warm and dry this year as well. So next year i think ill skip the garden. Just keep the things that are already there. Its a lot of work for little output in the end (yes, totally feeling lazy)

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