When you are not going to Ibiza

Friday. Most likely spent on the sofa. Gone are the days when the weekend was one long booze fest. Or i prefer to say paused. When im 75 it will be a party all day long.

Tomorrow heading to Richmond with Katta and tonight drinks at work. Its also the danes leaving drink but i might just be a tad too lazy to hike 90 min across town on my own. Maybe ill spruce it up with some deliveroo and a rental movie from Amazon. On my memories on FB there was an Ibiza pic showing up from 8 years ago. Bah, who needs that stuff. Pizza and movie vs dancing all night at Ushuaia 1-0

Well, next weekend im off to Sweden and im pulling together an small cousin gathering without the golden oldies. Paola will come down and Hanna is there and now were just hoping Jossan kan keep the baby in to last a dinner. Since im missing out on Christmas i need my dose at least once this year.

W at work yesterday. Hes such an awesome little doggo, just sleeping through the meetings.

White is slimming right? Heh. My life is dresses with space for the belly at the moment. This one was on sale at HM for a fiver. Love it. Prob because if you are not pregnant that white bit just over your belly is not that flattering.

But hey, heres the little balloon. Its perfect for me and will fit me trough the entire pregnancy.

Have a great weekend guys.

Smelly monster

What a start to the day. The first thing i did was spilling a pack of olives all over the kitchen floor. Then Woolly decided to roll in poo. Like actual, super smelly, poo. I tried to clean it off him but he still very smelly. Then i put some perfume on him and now he smells like flowers covered in poo.. and as soon as i cleaned him off i dropped a whole tub of cream fraiche on the kitchen floor.

Thank god the cleaner is coming today.

Now im at work hiding from disasters. W is with me so im hoping hell keep away from more poo rolling. Were having some meetings so he has to step up as office dog.

Looking very ashamed of his smelly self. He should do!

Hes very cute with the belly. He definitely knows something is going on and lays his paw over the belly and snuggles up. If only he knew…

Storm pooper

Its raining in London today. And 15 degrees. Never in my 37 years did i think that woud make me happy but my god the enjoyment of not wanting to die from the heat. Im sorry all you warm people i have always laughed a bit about, i get you now.

I keep thinking about all the exciting things i will tell you and then i realise that, well, i dont really have that much to tell. I feel like pregnancy is the human equivalent of hibernating. But you end up fat.

Love my little baby bump though, spoke to Dani and in week 30 shes gained 15kg. That just sounds so heavy.

Well, heres my little 17w bump and the new outfit we got from Soren and Bettina. Yes, im baking a little Storm pooper.

Its having a good time in there. Apparently they go into a more normal sleeping pattern now depending on the light outside. Maybe i can train it for never ending sleep if i make sure its always dark around.

Preggers yoga

Went to my first session of pregnancy yoga yesterday. It was…interesting… a lot of breathing and stretching which was awesome. Then there was some pretend birth shit which was 100% weird. I felt like I was in an American movie leaning against a wall pretending to have contractions.

Long gone felt the days of nightclub dancing.

Overall it was great though. Needed those stretches. I was the only 2020 baby in there so felt like a gazelle compared to the 8 month bellies all around.

Pro tip if you want to feel small and nimble, hang around people much further along than you.

Came home looking fly.

Working from home today. Just had a smart meter installed, time to have our gas and electricity consumption under control.

Spending the day watching this dude chasing flies. Drama!

The coming George free days will prob be spent clearing even more in the flat. Part of me want to move somewhere bigger asap but I also know that if we go to Sweden in like a year then it makes no sense. So throwing away shit it is.

Crayfish party!

Happy Monday! At least people around the world is starting to get back to work and i can stop hating on all those holiday pics on instagram. And the count down to 4 days Sweden is real!

Otherwise im all good, even if a bit emotional. Im going into week 18 now and saw the midwife on Friday. All looked good, my values are all as expected and nothing showing up in the bloodtest. I got my plotting curve for the expected weight of the baby, between 3.5 – 5kg. Thats a lot! Im hoping for that 3.5kg one…

Me and W chillin on Friday once i came back from the midwife. Yes, im strong on the naps right now but taking them when i can, soon we are back to weekly Paris trips with the growing belly.

We switched  the rooms! George did all the carrying and then i cleaned and sorted. Its so much better, we are actually going to be able to fit (dont mind the mess, its all cleared by now). However, knowing that we have to buy even more shit im sure its going to be all cramped by the end again. I dream of an attic or cellar. One day.

And on Saturday we got the house ready for mini crayfish party! Due to rain and basically a storm we ended up cramming 10 people into our living room.

Tight but as we say on Sweden – if there is heart room there is ass room.

My crayfish decorations.

We didnt find any hats so we improvised. Who doesnt love crayfish ears or a crayfish thong on your head?

Party people getting ready for some serious eating.

I mean, why not use a scissor to open up the goods?

We scared the crew with our weird snaps songs.

Then general party times. So sad these two are leaving London. But, means we have somewhere to go and visit in Spain… there is always an upside. I feel like George and i are getting holiday homes around the world.

These garlands can be used in multiple ways.

When you are sober and flagging by midnight just wrap yourself in some crayfish lights and all is well in the world.

Woolly was all partied out.

On Sunday we took it mega easy. George is away in Finland this week so it ill be Woolly and me. Yoga tonight and then most likely a lot of Netflix and chill (the boring kind)

The funny side of pregnancy

I was going to say Friday! but realised its only thursday. Oh well. We are slowly getting there peeps. Most of you are gettiing back from holiday, the rest of us feels like we’ve been attached to the chair at work forever. Holiday is for losers anyway.

Here are some fun memes about my life right now.


Yes, i mean, my pregnancy brain is not too bad but sometimes i just forget shit. Like what i was doing walking into the kitchen.


Walks have become a marathon. Sometimes i need to sit down to simply survive. W hates that, he wants to play. Bad mummy.


Im so ungraceful. Like a seal.


Im adding like 2 months to mine with the treatment. So its been forever, i promise.


Or candy. Jellybean loooooves candy.


Up to at least 4 times a night at the moment.


Like the say in Life in Pieces ‘i was voted most outgoing at Burning Man and look at me now’. Ive never been less rockstar in my entire life.



We’ll get there. Everyone keep telling me im having a boy (due to the shape of my belly and my cravings) and we have a good shortlist (Lukas and Ella – Luke and Leia)


I was told i was glowing. I dont believe that shit. That just something you say to someone that cant fit into their clothes any longer 🙂

But im doing well and being all happy. Tired but happy.

Crayfishing (i wish)

Planning a crayfish party for the weekend. Just a small thing. But it needs a lot of planning in this country where getting hold of that stuff is a mission. But we have crayfish, garlands and snaps. Now i just need to get my mits on some hats and bibs. And then its a go. Youll see me sucking those bad boys like a pro.

My energy comes and goes. Went to get a massage yesterday and starting pregnancy yoga on Monday. My back is starting to hurt and i pulled a muscle last night. Want to get going on the stretching before it all goes tits up. Sometimes i get reminded im a geriatric pregnancy…i mean, im pretty healthy but my body is not 27 any longer. But i sit on my pilates ball at work and keep up the walking. Like the old lady i am.

George is moving the rooms on thursday. So Friday night (since im missing out on the summer party due to sea sickness) will be all about moving things over for the flat to be ready on Saturday. Nothing like a deadline to get things moving.

George with one of our tomatoes from the garden. Its such a mission to uphold because its so warm and dry this year as well. So next year i think ill skip the garden. Just keep the things that are already there. Its a lot of work for little output in the end (yes, totally feeling lazy)