Lovely night at Stillwater last night. My sentimental man wanted to celebrate his 4th anniversary in London (yes, he keeps celebrating each and every one of them). It was a bit of a crowd and all the favourite faces. Plus. Gumbo! They had made a whole roasted suckling pig as well but i mean, come on, Gumbo!!

Everyone got drunk since the food didnt show up until like 11. Except me. I didnt drink but better than that, i ordered my food before everyone and happily munched away at 8. Points to the preggers lady.

Got a lot of love from everyone and Phil and Jenny gave us some awesome nerdy onesies. This baby will be the best dressed baby every. In nerd.

Tonight Katta comes over for Gumbo. Yes, like a pro i made sure to get some extra portions to bring home with me. George is away so getting some catch up time with the kittekat.

Mmmm…Gumbo. It never looks pretty but it tastes like a dream.

Crowd. Not only Georges friends but an industry legend having his bday as well so the place was filled to the rafters.

Havent seen Tye and Rupali in ages. Love those two. And yes, George was a little sweaty monster all night. Hes just been told he needs to eat gluten for two weeks for the investigation the NHS is doing into his health so he was one happy boyo. Gluten party for him.

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