Candy never lies


Yes, its correct. Candy never lies and its a little baby boy in there in my belly. Hello little one.

For the ultra sound today everything looked perfect and he held his own little hand hiding his face. Too cute to handle. But we managed to get all the data they needed and all is looking good. Cant believe we are meeting our little boy in less than 5 months.

No more ultra sounds, from now on its just blood test and measuring the belly at the GP and midwife. The baby was laying feet down now but hes moving around like a little monster so that will most likely change. So now there is nothing but planning, enjoying the little kicks and chilling until next appointment in 5 weeks.

Im feeling quite emotional today. It felt so real seeing everything and hes becoming a little person. We are really becoming parents. Like for real. Its not a joke. We need to take care of a human.

Katta came over last night and we ate gumbo and watched a romantic movie. Plus blanket and candle weather. W just wanted to play. Too bad mama is all tired and big these days.

Tonight we are taking it easy at home and tomorrow we are seeing Ben and Laura that are on their honeymoon traveling around Europe.

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