Little raver boy

My back is killing me today. Must have slept funny because kind of have to like half lean back to get in position. Good thing im working from home. Off to Paris tomorrow though so hoping itll be better by then.

Other than that. Its Monday and 13 degrees. Absolutely loving it. The weather, not necessarily the monday part. George is in Finland and W and me have the house to ourselves. Feel like thats all we do these days. Move our grey asses around the sofa for hours.

Starting to feel a bit lonely here. George is out a lot of the time and i just dont have that many people around any longer. And the trek to East with belly and doggo is a bit of a schlep. And soon Katta is going back to Sweden. Im going to have to go on some mama dates or something before i go stir crazy.

Ah, the times when one was still fun.

On Friday Sophie came to the office. This is her photo face.

Dancing away in the office. She is such a little cutie.

And here is our cutie. Little baby boy 20 weeks old.

Let put those hands in the air!

On Saturday Ben and Laura were in town and we went to Gloria for her bday. Happy gang getting ready for some party times.

Happy birthday gorgeous.

I headed home to W after lunch and the others stayed out. Love hurts when youve left your dog for 5 hours. Hed also been sick all over the flat. Poor boy.

George was hungover and slept on Sunday morning (lunch time to be honest) and W and me took a pretty autumn walk. Its definitely getting chillier.

Then i made a whole batch of chcolate balls i downed in 2 hours. Viva pregnancy. We also nailed almost the whole first season of Dark. So damn good.

And, this was us the rest of the weekend. Chillers.

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