A letter to you

You are kicking away in there. In the evenings, in the middle of the night. Whenever i try to chill out, whenever i try to sleep. Strong legs. Lots of energy. Constantly reminding me you are there.

I wonder so who you are. Im rewatching One Tree Hill and the main character is called Lucas and is a basketball playing book lover. It feels serendipitous. Like thats how you could end up if you took the passions from your mum and your dad.

I hope you will be kind. Respectful to everyone. Caring. I dont really want anything from you other than kindness. And an openess to all kinds of people. You will grow up with blood from three nations and roots from all over the world. I hope that makes you curious and open.

I hope i can give you the feeling of love, security and non judgment. I will love you whoever you are. I already do. Whatever you choose to do in your life ill stand by your side and i cant wait to get to know the people you surround yourself with. If there is one thing i have learned from your dad is that there is goodness in everyone if you give them a chance.

I already love you but i cant wait to LOVE you. For who you are. For your good and your bads. For the things that make me yell at you and for the things that make me hug you. For the things that remind me of me or your dad and for the things that are only you.

Me and your dad are busy figuring out what to name you. I might seem easy and once you are you there could be no other way but there is power in a name. And I want you to grow up in the knowledge that you have the power to be whoever you want to be.

Less than 5 months until we get to meet you. Until then ill keep loving those kicks that keep me up at night and live through the very annoying backache that will eventually give me you.

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