Staying bad ass

Im wearing a thick jumper today. Loving it. And a beanie. Yes, im going all basic bitch and loving on autumn but i DO love autumn. Mainly because of candles and tea and books which is my life anyway. Plus lets face it, im no summer girl. Never have been. Always better with a pale face, black and a leather jacket.

Bought myself a new bad ass ring to give myself a much needed oumphf. Because pregnancy is not bad ass. Well, it is with what the body is doing and all that but i dont exactly feel bad ass. I feel achy and farty and burpy. Hence new swag.

Look at this beauty. A vampire bite ring in silver. From Kasun. I can probably kill people with that one.

Less cool things ive been up to is arranging babys drawer of clothes. My mum was like ‘was is that ugly brown thing’. Its a lil lion and its super cute. The best thing about having your own baby is that you can do whatever YOU want. If i want to dress my boy as the fiercest lil lion ever i will.

So yeah, we are pretty much done now. Just waiting for our lil bundle of crazy.

Hey there baby bump. 25w. 60% done and won. 65 more working days until maternity. Not that im counting down or anything…

But, my feet and ankles hasnt swollen yet so still wearing nice shoes.

And all in on the layering today. You can barely see the bump hiding there.

God, my life is just swallowed up by pregnancy. Sorry to…well, everyone. But, it was a long fucking time coming.

When my mum said she thinks im like buying and fixing too much i just wanted to scream ‘but i waited soooooo long for this and had to see everyone else around me get it’. So yeah, i stand tall in the fact that finally its my turn to nest. 18 months of tests and worry and injections and now im going to enjoy every second of it.

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