Filippa came to London yesterday for work. And to see me!! I got so excited i took zero photos. But she looked gorgeous and it was amazing to see her. The best thing about moving back to Sweden is my friends and family. Im lucky ive kept in touch with them over the years and ill fall straight into the arms of my bffs.

What the last 10 years have really taught me is that friendships takes active work as well. Especially if you are a phone phobic like me. But ive really tried to be there for my friends and theyve certainly been there for me. The most important ones have become even stronger due to the effort put into them.

Tonight i have a phone date with Maggie, need to see her baby boy even if its only on facetime.

But, emotions and friendships aside, lets look at my consumerism (sorry Greta)

1 of my 3 (yes, i know) advent calendars. A puzzle one. 12 mini ones until Christmas.

The most rock and roll advent calendar you have ever seen.

And my mahoosive beauty calendar. Yes, this is beyond indulgent and my mum would sigh at me if she knew but it makes me so happy. Plus, im forever claiming the ‘i dont get to go home over Christmas’ card.

That deserves 25 boxes of beauty magic.

We will however have a little dinner on the 24th for everyone in London. Serve some swede stuff and listen to all the Christmas songs.

I will reclaim Christmas. No crying on this bad ass girl.

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