Happy, happy, happy!!

They have booked!! They are coming!! Im kind of crying and laughing and is wayyyyy too excited. Like me sis told the kids ‘youll have the most christmassy christmas ever’. Hell yeah they will! Im going even more all in when i get to decide.

I wonder if i can get away with giving them matching PJs to sleep in when they are here…

So now im in full on planning mood. Mixing up a swedish/english/aussie/french/polish Christmas. Im going to rock this shit, they wont even know what hit them.

Yes! Happy faces all around. All the sadness is replaced by happiness. God i love my family.

And W. He’ll be there as well. I mean, he’ll hate having the house full but who cares. Im totally getting him a little Christmas hat.

Im going to try and contain my Christmas feelings for another month now. Not in private of course but to you guys here.

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