I went out on Friday. Like actually dressed up, left the house and came home after midnight. Rock and fucking roll my friends.

George was working Cocktail weekend with the rest of UKs bartenders so i headed there to get me some delicious mocktails. It was torture, it all looked so good. But, i walked around for 2h saying hi to everyone and having a lot of people saying hi to jellybean and petting the belly. He said hi back. Then i headed up to Found and ran into Dallas. Then George joined and we got surprise ambushed by Alex and Lucy. So nice. Perfect friday night.

Josh showing off his new company. He is making frech juices for the bars. The perfect place for me to hang out.

It was like a drunken carnival in the cocktail village.

I got glittered up and hang out in a sauna.

In rye we trust. Why not. To be honest though, im not a massive rye fan.

The coolest boys at LCW. Josh stole me away but lost me as quickly. Not that easy to keep up with drunken people when you are sober.

Alcohol free booze. George got me two bottles. Hello Christmas time.

Ended the night with a glitter selfie in the bathroom. As you do.

Saturday we chilled. George was working and i can of felt hungover so W and me just sat on the sofa and slept and ate. Dream life.

Hanging out with his favourite belly. Its becoming quite sizeable now. But, i am 6.5 months and the baby like 35cm in there so its bound to get a bit tight.

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