We are all kin

Almost in the third trimester. Everything is going smoothly and little one is even more active if thats even possible. Have my consultation booked in for the C-section in a couple of weeks and in general feeling good except for the standard aches and pains.

Told George he had to stay home with me on NYE rather than work. I feel bad being that person but its only 3 weeks before EDD and if something happens im all alone. On a night with no taxis. No ones around so i cant make someone else look after me šŸ™‚

Ha, i would have never thought like this for my own health but the thought of something happening to mini baby because i cant get myself to the hospital in time makes me go all mama bear.

Work is starting to get a bit tricky but so far my long monkey arms are making sure i can still type and you know, get dressed.

Got a beautiful ring from Louise on Friday. Shes started a jewellery brand here in London called Kin. Because we are all kin.

Shes just starting out but doing some lovely things. Check it out! I love that im surrounded by so many talented people. One day ill make beautiful things as well.

Took some artsy photos to show the ring off. I absolutely love it.

Been looking for a top finger ring for a while but its hard to find nice ones. So, just have your friends make them for you šŸ™‚

When you have so much stuff laying around your desk at work you can stage a photo shoot.

Speaking of friends. We had Stu over for dinner last night, havent seen him in ages. I do tend to forget my friends at the moment because so sofa bound (yes, its my own choice, im just like a lazy, fat cat) and it was lovely to see him.

Only 55 work days left and then this new, crazy stage in my life starts. Cant wait but also a tiny bit nervous.

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