Fat lyfe!

Welcome to the fat life! The almost 9 kg are starting to take its toll. The stranded beach whale look is this seasons trendiest. Yesterday baby had his feet safely planted in what felt like it was directly in my bladder. Like foot urine deep. That meant both trips to the bathroom every 30 min plus a bit of stomach pain.

Pregnancy glow my ass.

And try sleeping with a foot in your bladder. And a snoring man next to you. Ended up sleeping on the sofa to the sweet sound of the italians above us having a party until 6am. But, thats party karma from my previous party life.

On the fun side. In two weeks im going to a halloween party and i get to plan preggers outfits. Plus 2x bday party next weekend. George also gave me two bottles of alcoholfree gin so get to feel like one of the cool kids.

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