Happy Halloween

As you all know by now I love me a dress up party. And I love black. And vampires so Halloween is kind of my shit.

So despite belly and tiredness I decided to go all in this year for Bella’s bday party at found.

Katta came over and it was all about finding an outfit in my vast dress up box (es).

Belly was not cooperating and nothing really fit of my somewhat skimpy costumes.

But I’m not a quitter.

So eventually I became a disco ball. With insides made of glitter and sparkles. Fitting.

The face make up is actually very simple but got tons of compliments. Still got it!

George dressed up as Christmas because my dream but his nightmare.

And Bella a lovely black swan.

Ready to scare some people with our glitter and Christmas and black angels (Katta). My dream world in other words.

I say it again but couples who dress up together slay together.

Found Stu. He was a farmer and not sexy nurse as we hoped for.

George was somewhat nakey,

My bestest people. We found the booth because mama need to sit these days.


And, of course an end of night toilet selfie. The zipper lost the glue so instead I turned into a disco Bowie.

Had an amazing night but my god I was tired by the end. Could barely speak. The parties have to wait a bit now.

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