Autumn vibes

Monday. George is off to Dublin from thursday and on Friday Julia comes to London!! You lose one you win one… we are watching wicked and eating italian. Cant get better than that.

A little update from the midwife. I went to see her Friday and everything looks good with baby. I got to listen to the heartbeat and she measured him. He seems to be pretty bang on my curve. Since both George and me are tall it looks like hes on track to be a 4kg healthy boy.

However, i have high protein and low hemaglobin. The iron is very normal for preggers ladies but i need to check up the protein. Hopefully i can get a GP appointment this week. Feeling quite ratty today but thats most likely a normal cold.

Well, its 40 working days until maternity leave, 50 days until Christmas and 78 days until EDD for the baby. I can do this.

Its so much autumn out now. Im loving it. Cant walk as long any longer but i try for the 10k steps a day.

If you look at the right side at like 0:04 you can see a little kick. I mean, you have to look close but its there.

Its smells gorgeous in our flat from all the hyacinths. I sneak these small christmas signs in before the big shebang first of advent.

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