Preggers favourites

2.5 months to go and it feels like ive been pregnant forever. One thing that has become increasingly annoying is just the simple action of getting dressed. Tops dont cover the bump, jeans ride down, bras dont fint.

So, heres my life savers to keep me through the day and get me out of my sweatpants


HM Mama straight ankle jeans. Comfy stomach band, not too tight and DO NOT ride down. Lifesavers.


HM nursing tops. I have like 6 of these. They cover the bump and can be worn under anything. And will work through nursery. Love them.


Seraphine faux leather panel leggings. I get so many compliments for these and feel like i actually look like a normal person. The only issue is the low bump cover so you need long tops for this one.


Seraphine nursing sweater. I think i have worn this one at least 3 times a week since i got pregnant. It covers the bump and neon details make it look a bit more fun.

Other than that I love my massive preggers pillow. Its a lifesaver for me and my long back. Plus gingerbread dough. I love that too 🙂

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