London love

Julia is in town! We are eating pasta, going to a musical and eating all the candy. Living life the best way we know.

I went to the GP yesterday. All clear. I had some stomach virus and that would have affected my other results as well. But all looked good in the hood.

Its cold in London today. Cold and crisp. I realise im going to miss this town. Looking back on the decade i relive all the fun ive had, all the amazing people ive met and the great opportunities ive been given. I mean, i have a career… But, its time to leave now. Brexit, life changes, work. It all comes together telling me my time in London is over. For now.

Im going to miss the friendly people, the golden light from the pubs, the kindness of strangers, all the new people coming into your life, cherry blossoms and magnolia, the dogs running free in all the parks, big, ice cold pints of cider, the dry english humor, the first Mr Whippy of the season, Richmond and Petersham and of course all my friends. All my amazing, lovely, big hearted friends.

Im not going to miss what Brexit is doing to this city.

Im going to miss this little guy the most but we still cant think about that.

Its me and W for the weekend.

Katta left for Sweden yesterday. I dont know what to do without her here. Really. Im super happy for her, sad for me

She left a bag of things form her flat, one of them was my favourite voluspa candle. So i lit that yesterday and missed my friend. Good thing well all be in Stockholm soon.

Life is weird. It changes so quickly. But i think both George and me are ready to start this new chapter in our lives. Baby and Sweden. Back to where i started. Its not all uncomplicated but it will be good.

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