It’s Christmas

It’s early morning and I can’t sleep. The baby is kicking and George is snoring. So W and me are on the sofa in the wee hours of the morning.

Could be worse, we put our Christmas tree up yesterday and I’m bathed in golden light. Plus the flat smells of pine.

It’s a 2.5m monster this year. We asked for a smaller one but hey, last Christmas in London, let’s do this. And since I love my baubles I actually have enough for this huge tree taking up half our living room.

Katta came over to help us yesterday. She brought saffron buns and we lit the advent light. You can trust me to bring the Christmas spirit.

Of course her hairy godson should have some saffron bun as well.

But, the biggest hero was George dragging that thing home. I held like a branch.

Proud ladies making Christmas magic.

And done. Our tree is filled with meaning and memories since I buy baubles wherever I go and this means the most. The green one I bought last year as my hope of being pregnant this year and the little penguin family is us. Waiting for Lukas.

And Woolly of course.

Even the grinch got into the Christmas feeling.

Maybe because he got to start his day with his very own bespoke advent calendar.

Jellybean socks!! What else.

My own favourite is my puzzle calendar. So nice sitting by myself in the morning laying a puzzle when the rest of the family slept.

So yeah, my morning ain’t too bad. Who needs sleep anyway?

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