Bye Katta

These early mornings… I’m not even waking up because I’m hungry or anything, I just can’t sleep. My body I like ‘hey, only 6 more weeks to go to like NO SLEEP EVER so let’s get you prepared’


It’s 6 am and I’m wide awake. I’ve slept 5h and body is like ‘mmm, that’s enough’. Oh well, it’s just sleep and I’m fairly (let’s see how I feel after another 6 months of this) ok on less sleep.

Yesterday Katta came over and we watched this is us. Me eating cinnamon bun in sweatpants. But, it was her last night so got all flamed up and ready.

George was like ‘can’t even see you are preggers’

Me ‘baam, belly!!!’

We went to dishoom that has opened on high street ken.

My happiest moment was when I found an actual alcohol free espresso martini, not just ice coffee. Mmmm.

We ate and drank and rather rolled than strolled down memory lane. It’s been a pretty amazing 4 years with this lady by my side.

I mean, it’s not the last we see of each other but for now it’s goodbye.

(Silently crying in a corner)

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